• Tim

Lost in the woods.

The first time I went to your planet I was hungry. Magic is funny that way. Like a warm baked bread that calls out to fat man's table. I needed the magic for various reasons but most importantly it was to rebuild my abode. See I have this shitty fixer upper on the out skirts of Tepidville and I was told it would raise in value over time. That was a lie. It has decreased in value and I thought with a bit of a magical touch I could spruce the place up and maybe get the hell out of the debt I was in. Magic is elusive to us goblins and we can never really tell how we are going to get the stuff needed to explode with it. My ingredients to a magical spell? Panties. I didn't know it then but I knew my existence had zero for me. Yep, I was between a rock and a portal. I chose the portal. That was the first time I found the factory. A delicious place full of pink, purple, yellow, and blue magical sprinkles that would clearly give me the upper hand.

I guess I got carried away with the feeling of my tail and the spots that glowed. I suppose I wanted a bit more and more. Magic is funny that way.

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